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Wrongful Death Categories

Wrongful Death Categories

A. Medical negligence.

In order to prove a wrongful death case due to medical negligence, the medical records of the decedent must initially be obtained. This information is protected by the physician-patient privilege. In order to obtain the records, a personal representative for the deceased is normally appointed by the court to commence a potential claim and obtain the medical records of the decedent.

Medical negligence claims are a specialty practice of law. In order to determine whether you have a viable medical negligence wrongful death claim, you should seek the advice of an experienced medical negligence attorney as soon as possible in order to commence a viable claim in a timely fashion.

B. Transportation Accidents.

Wrongful death may certainly occur in an automobile crash, yet they may also occur in any mode of public transportation, such as buses, airplanes, trains, shuttles, trolleys, subways and others. In any case of wrongful death, attempt to keep as many records and notes as possible, including all parties involved (other victims, police, witnesses, drivers, etc.). Again, contact a competent wrongful death attorney experienced with your particular type of wrongful death as soon as possible to ensure appropriate collection of relevant information and records to support your case.

C. Occupational.

Whenever a death occurs due to an injury while on the job, it may be cause for a wrongful death suit. Wrongful death injuries occur more often in high risk occupations, such as construction, firefighting and commercial fishing. However, they may also occur in low risk occupations, such as assembly line workers and office positions . Factual circumstances surrounding around a death at the workplace are instrumental in determining the possibility of a wrongful death case. Experienced wrongful death lawyers are able to assist in determining who, may be liable in occupational deaths.

D. Other.

There may be other potential causes for wrongful death suits. One of them is if the death occurred during a supervised outing, such as a camp or conference. A wrongful death claim may also exist due to dramatic injuries caused by an animal. If a death has occurred and the victim was not responsible, reviewing the factual circumstances with an experienced wrongful death attorney may provide insight to determine if a viable wrongful death claim exists.

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