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What is a Claim Worth?

In all Personal Injury cases, if drivers, manufacturers, property or animal owners or other responsible parties are found to be legally responsible, they are obligated to compensate the injured party for the damages sustained, including past and future medical expenses, lost wages, property damages and past and future pain, suffering and disability. If negligent conduct causes death, the heirs are generally entitled to recover the monetary value of the lost means of support and the value of the lost aid , comfort, society and companionship the heirs will sustain in the future. Additional damages may be available depending upon the facts and the law governing each claim.

What a claim is worth is a simple question that requires a complex analysis by a seasoned Personal Injury attorney. No two cases are alike in each case is decided on the facts and the merit of the case. Insurance companies evaluate claims and also evaluate Personal Injury attorneys. A Personal Injury attorney, who always settles a case and seldom, if ever, tries a case to verdict, will be known to the insurance company as an attorney that is unwilling to represent a client in front of a jury and is likely to settle for a lesser value. In contrast, a Personal Injury attorney who pushes the insurance company for the maximum settlement value of a claim and tries lawsuits in front of jurors when settlement offers are not acceptable, will be known to the insurance company as a trial lawyer who is willing to motivate a jury to determine fair compensation and maximize the value of a client's claim.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer – How Do I Choose The Best One For Me?

Victims of Personal Injury who have suffered an injury through no fault of their own deserve the best settlements. In order to do this, having a qualified, experienced Personal Injury attorney is essential.

Personal Injury lawyers have varying levels of experience and ability. If you are injured, you need an experienced Personal Injury attorney who can provide top-quality representation. Before hiring an attorney, do your research, review their qualifications, find out about their experience as a trial lawyer and check out the references. There are several main items to look for when searching for the Personal Injury attorney that best fits your situation.

Find out about their verdicts and settlements. What is their track record in cases such as yours? Someone who has great results with traffic accident victims may not have needed experience in animal injury cases. A Personal Injury attorney experienced with slips and fall injuries may claim to have a “winning” track record, yet may have quickly resolve their client's claims for minimal value.

Experience and a seasoned assessment of the claim are critical. The Personal Injury attorney you choose should be experienced in your type of claim and will be able to assess the merits of your claim to determine whether the claim is a viable claim that is worthy of pursuing. An experienced Personal Injury attorney should be able to thoroughly apply their skills and judgment to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a claim, as well as assess a fair value for the claim.

Working with others is particularly important. Whether it is working with opposing counsel, insurance companies, witnesses, your friends, family or anyone else involved in your case, your Personal Injury attorney needs to be able to work effectively and efficiently with other people. Opposing counsel and insurance companies have many tactics to try to deny your claim or pressure you to reduce your claim. Your Personal Injury attorney needs to be competent and experience in dealing with these tactics. The Personal Injury attorney will also be able to assist you in determining if you claim may be resolved for a reasonable value in mediation, thereby resolving the claim short of a jury trial, thus eliminating the stress of going to trial and saving you time and energy.

The cost of losing your case could be substantial. Most Personal Injury lawyers work for a contingency fee. This means that they do not receive payment for their services unless you win your case or receive a settlement outside of court. It also means that an experienced Personal Injury lawyer will not represent you unless they believe in the merits of your case and they believed in you. Additionally, your Personal Injury attorney will be investing not only their time in your case but also their finances in your case to pay for all of the out-of-pocket costs and disbursements that are involved in pursuing a claim, including costs for medical records, court filing fees, service of process fees, court reporter transcription fees and expert witness fees among others. There are expenses that will be forwarded by your Personal Injury attorney and will be required to be reimbursed by you out of your settlement or verdict. Carefully review any proposed contract with a Personal Injury attorney in order to protect yourself, since not all Personal Injury attorneys have the same contingency fee contracts. At Brodd Law Firm, LLC, if I am not able to obtain a recovery for you, you will not be charged anything.

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